10 Sites Popular Hotels in Indonesia

If you will come to Indonesia for buisness or leisure, you can try to find hotels information at your travel agency or can also visit the sites of the existing hotels in Indonesia.
Some of the popular hotel website is :

  1. www.sukajadihotel.com  (Bandung city)
  2. www.santika.com  (exist in several cities)
  3. www.savoyhomann-hotel.com  (Bandung city)
  4. www.jakarta.grand.hyatt.com  (jakarta city)
  5. www.hotelborobudur.com  (Jakarta city)
  6. www.jayakartahotelsresorts.com  (exist in several cities)
  7. www.aryaduta.com (exist in several cities)
  8. www.parklanejakarta.com
  9. www.panpacific.com
  10. www.starwoodhotels.com
I hope you enjoy your visit each other in Indonesia.


  1. good info. i hope can visit; recomendation hotel

  2. welcome Mr. Anto.
    I glad to see you...
    thanks a lots..

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